Travel Insurance

Why do you need travel insurance?

Being on the move, eating different foods, all in unfamiliar surroundings, means that travellers are exposed to a higher than usual risk of illness, accidents and other type of mishaps.
Every year thousands of Thai travellers unexpectedly end up in foreign hospitals. Those who have travel insurance can rest assured that they will receive appropriate medical attention. They also won’t have to face the worry of settling a large medical bill afterwards. Travel Insurance represents just a fraction of your trip cost. It is a small investment that protects you from physical and financial harm.

What’s so good about life in travel insurance
with Allianz Travel?

Allianz Travel is the world’s largest Travel Insurance and Assistance company. We are the only company in Thailand who manage both travel insurance and assistant services in the same company. Many other insurance companies offer travel insurance policies that provide the financial cover for the unforeseen mishaps that can occur whilst travelling. However, when a problem arises, a third party provides the help that you need. It may take long time to manage your case between insurance company and third party provider.

Not like Allianz Travel product, it covers you financially, but is also provide you the ticket into the Allianz Travel worldwide network. Our global assistance network is ready to help you, whatever problem you have, wherever you are. You can call to our Bangkok office in Thai and English and we will send our team to help you from every continent of the World with the fast and professional services. Worry-free with Allianz Travel Insurance.

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IMPORTANT: Given the rapid rise government enforced in travel bans or restriction, please first ensure that no travel ban or restriction is in place during your dates of travel PRIOR TO purchasing a travel insurance policy. Travel restriction may prevent you from enjoying the normal coverage and benefits of a travel insurance policy, and we highly recommend NOT to purchase travel insurance policies when such conditions exist.

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