Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy travel insurance for an overseas trip?
If an accident or sickness should occur during an overseas trip, you may incur a lot of expenses. Furthermore, Travel insurance is required to apply for a Schengen Visa.
Does Allianz Travel offer annual travel insurance policies?
Yes, we also offer annual policies that provides coverage for a maximum of 90 days per trip, for an unlimited number of trips.
Once the online application has been completed, what happens next?
After the premium has been paid by credit card, a confirmation email comprised of the Certificate of Insurance and Policy Wordings will be sent to you immediately. The Certificate of Insurance contains your policy number that you must quote every time for us to render assistance promptly
Is a traveller required to have physical examination before buying travel insurance?
No, it is not necessary.
What if I want to change some of my personal information in the policy?
If you intend to amend your policy details, you must let us know in writing before your departure date. Such amendment becomes effective after it has been confirmed and recorded by us with issuance of endorsement.
If the Insured cannot travel on the date stated in the policy, can he postpone the travel date?
Yes, but he must notify us before the inception date stated in the policy.
Can I purchase a policy if I have already started my journey?
No, your Allianz Global Assistance policy will not be valid if you have already left on your travels.
If the Insured’s visa application is not approved, can he request for premium refund?
Yes, but the Insured must make the request at least a day before the cover date and embassy’s letter is required.
If the Insured is hospitalised due to sickness contracted overseas, must he advance the payment of medical expenses?
The Insured must advance the payment of medical expenses if they are out-patient. But if the insured are in-patient, the Insured should call our Claim department Thailand +66(0)2-305-8533.
If an accident should occur while the Insured is overseas and it is necessary to seek treatment from a herbalist or acupuncturist, can the Insured claim for such medical expenses?
No, we will cover medical expenses from a physician only.
For hospitalisation, is there any limitation on the choice of room?
No, but the room chosen must be suitable for the treatment of each illness, as advised by the attending physician or other medical personnel.
If the journey ends earlier than previously planned, will a partial refund of my insurance premium be given?
Sorry, but no. Once your journey begins, we will not refund any part of the premium.
If the Insured is injured while skiing or jet-skiing. Can a claim be made?
Yes, provided that the Insured did not sustain the injury while competing.
Does ALLIANZ GLOBAL ASSISTANCE policy cover toothache?
The coverage under our policies do not include any dental treatment except for injury of natural teeth arising from accident and where treatment is necessary.
Can a person with pre-existing conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, purchase travel insurance?
Yes. However, if the Insured is hospitalised, the policy will not cover these pre-existing conditions or any complication arising from these conditions.
If the Insured suffer an accident or fall ill during the trip, can he/she purchase drugs for self-treatment and claim for this?
No, a prescription issued by a registered physician is required.
If the Insured is hospitalised because of illness and consequently dies as a result, what compensation can be claimed?
Medical expenses incurred, overseas hospital confinement benefit and repatriation.
If an Insured is hospitalised as a result of an accident and consequently dies from causes covered under the policy, what compensation can be claimed?
Medical expenses incurred, overseas hospital confinement benefit, repatriation, and indemnity for accidental death.
Can I purchase overseas travel insurance for a trip made by public land transport?
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