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Travel Insurance for frequent traveler, annual plan

You may think it’s cheaper to do without it, but thousands of people every day count the cost of leaving home without travel insurance. Accidents and sudden illnesses can be very traumatic and expensive experiences, when you’re away from home, in unfamiliar surroundings. A small pre-cautionary investment in Fast Lane Tripper will keep you covered and ensure that help is always on hand when you need it. (for travelling up to 90 days over a period of 1 year)


Out of cover towards cost of:
Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disablement
For Insured Person aged from 16 years old to 75 years old THB 6,000,000
For Insured Person aged under 16 years old or over 75 years old THB 3,000,000
Overseas Medical Expense Reimbursement THB 2,500,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation Expenses
Medical assistance/repatriation in case of emergency THB 2,000,000
Repatriation in case of death and funeral expenses approved by the Company THB 2,000,000
Additional Transport One way business / economy airfare
Child Guard Round trip economy airfare
Trip Cancellation Expenses THB 500,000
Aggregate Limit of Liability THB 500,000
Trip Curtailment Expenses THB 500,000
Aggregate Limit of Liability THB 500,000
Travel Delay THB 50,000
Benefit paid for each complete 6 hours of delay THB 5,000
Missed Connecting Travel THB 50,000
Benefit paid for each complete 6 hours of delay THB 5,000
Loss of / Damage to Personal Baggage and/or Personal Property THB 50,000
Sublimit per single article, pair, or set of articles THB 5,000
Sublimit – Valuables THB 25,000
Baggage Delay THB 20,000
Benefit paid for each complete 6 hours of delay THB 2,000
Loss of Personal Money or Personal Documents Overseas THB 5,000
Personal Liability THB 3,500,000
Golf Equipment THB 35,000
Alternative Employee and/or Resumption of Journey Not insured
Replacement of Business Document Not insured
Hijack THB 200,000
Benefit paid for each complete 12 hours THB 5,000
Bail Bond Facility THB 350,000
Emergency Telephone Charge THB 800
Rental Vehicle Excess THB 40,000
Medical Dispatch THB 10,000
Home Renovation or Education Fund THB 80,000
Follow-up Medical Expenses in Thailand (Per Trip for Annual Trip Plan) THB 250,000
Hospital Confinement Not insured

IMPORTANT: Given the rapid rise government enforced in travel bans or restriction, please first ensure that no travel ban or restriction is in place during your dates of travel PRIOR TO purchasing a travel insurance policy. Travel restriction may prevent you from enjoying the normal coverage and benefits of a travel insurance policy, and we highly recommend NOT to purchase travel insurance policies when such conditions exist.

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