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AGA24h Affiliate program

A good idea for you and your customers

If your business has customers that travel, then listen up.

Our business involves helping people who get in to trouble whilst they’re travelling. We come to the assistance of millions of people every year and our work takes us to every corner of the globe. Unfortunately we get to see how lives can get torn apart when something goes wrong. Happily, we often get the chance to help put things right.

When your customers travel, to be sure of getting help when they need it, they need to buy travel insurance. It is not just a good idea, it is essential.

By becoming a member of our affiliate program, you will be drawing attention to the importance of travel insurance and doing your part in taking care of your customers. You will also be rewarded for doing this good deed. A sales commission is paid to you for every travel policy sold.

Getting started is very easy. Click the register link here. Follow a few simple steps and in literally two minutes you can be up and running. AGA24h installs the banner of your choice on your website and the affiliate tracking program monitors activity and travel insurance sales from your website.

When your customer clicks the travel insurance banner, they are transferred to our sales portal, which is branded with your company logo, reinforcing your company’s role in the mind of your customers.

For more information about how the affiliate program works, please click here.

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